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    agree on the return of the king part... but on the fellowship of the ring. I kinda feel sader after Gandalf's disappearance than what you mentioned.

    SPOILER! :
    because Borimir was kind of a jerk before he died and even if he sacrificed himself for saving the hobbits, I was too pissed at him to feel sorry for him. It just went too quick. But in the Gandalf incident, the sad part wasn't when he "died" (even though he returned in two towers) it was later when you saw them walking out of the caves and being sad for the rest of the movie cause they lost their best friend. And the elves song for him and such (if I remember right. Long time since I watched it).
    I didn't react much the first time I saw the movie (at 13), but re-watching it at 18, I cried at three points. I mentioned the first two because they were more "ending-ish".
    SPOILER! :
    Gandalf falling was the first, even though I knew he'd return in the second movie. And yes, it wasn't so much his "death" as it was his friends' reactions.

    I sympathized with Boromir because I completely understood what he was trying to do. He didn't want to destroy the ring when it could save his entire kingdom. He wanted to return triumphant, maybe with Aragorn as a brother. He didn't want to hurt Frodo, or anyone else for that matter. All he cared about was his people, and if he wanted to return gloriously, more power to him. I've never hated a character for wanting something for themselves, especially when "destroy the ring and everything will be better" is so incredibly vague. Sam, Gandalf, and Boromir were my favorite characters in Fellowship, and coincidentally, they're the ones who provoked the greatest emotional reaction.

    Also, this one's not a movie or anime, but the end of I Don't Want To Kill You by Dan Wells made me close the book and just sit there for the longest time, realizing that, twenty pages from the end, I legitimately did not want to finish the book--not because it was bad, but because the writing was almost too good. The ending did the same thing, though I was glad I didn't put it down. A sociopath main character does not mean an unemotional story. There are three books in that series, and every one of them has at least one super-heavy moment that has actually made me put the book down and just appreciate the people I love.

    I didn't cry, though. I'm kinda thinking the music in Lord of the Rings was a major culprit, as I think I've maybe teared up once while reading a book (Hunger Games):
    SPOILER! :
    The easiest way to slap me in the emotions is to make a young girl die. Elfen Lied also did this, quite a few times, though I have a few grievances about it. For one, it relies so heavily on shock elements and the cartoon-like blood does kinda ruin it.

    Oh, yeah, and Lucy. Pixar is actually fairly good at that. Rewatch all three Toy Story films with the knowledge that the trilogy is actually about mortality.
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