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Thread: I need a good (free) AMV Editor

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    I need a good (free) AMV Editor

    Wow, haven't been on here in forever but yeah...
    Anyways, I spent 8+ hours on a free editor I found, and then figured out that you had to by it to export the movie. So I'm not making that mistake again.

    Anything that works well for AMVs, definitely not Windows or imovie...those won't work for me.

    I'm looking for something that has crop functions, plus more options for frames and stuff. Cool special effects wouldn't be bad either.

    I've searched and searched but can't find anything that works for free. Much help appreciated. (I have a windows Xp, FYI)

    (BTW, I know those people are out there that says free-ware is a waste of time. Yes, I know, but I'm also pressed for time and money so...)
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    I don't think there is any free movie studios. I prefer Sony Vegas, it's not free, but it's not expansible either. It's worth the money.

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    iMovie is actually pretty good, it's better then Windows Movie Maker.
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