Ok so first of all I'm Kaida (just another person who loves manga and art). Although I've only been drawing for a year I've felt I've been improving. My current Q for your A is a resent drawing I've down for a first offical scetch of my characters from a manga I want to work on.


I'm mostly worryed about this drawing because I started with the eyes while I normaly start with a head shape. How do you feel it turned out and PLEASE give your personal opion on how to improve. I'm perfectly ok with hate. This is a both press or prasie thread post (my talk for you can say its good or not it won't hurt my feelings).

Also while your at it could you look at this drawing I've done of grell form black butler?


Thanks so much for the help. I've tryed hard to find a place were artist (of manga) can get advise from other artists who enjoy manga and anime. So happy I came across this sight.