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    Though I agree about Quatre, he is only one of five protagonists. And he is infinitely more interesting than previous gundam protagonists in his nature, mannerisms, etc. He's a bit of an eccentric (obv.). And I don't remember many episodes even focusing on Quatre. Heero doesn't whine about killing so much as he has flashbacks of his first massacre, and tries to interpret them throughout the series. He is a programmed assassin, so, despite the whole self-realization thing being an obvious trope, it makes sense.
    Gunzet was the one that brought up heero who while I think is a dumb character is whining for a more interesting reason. He is whining that he feels remorse at all when he's supposed to be heartless.

    The twists in the series are confusing to follow because you have a lot of love interests (five separate couplings for the main protagonists) and a cast of characters who are constantly defecting to both sides of the conflict, when not claiming to be independent. And then you have Zechs who is even harder to follow due to his identity and motives switching up all the time.
    Its not the twists that are confusing but the actual conflict in general. You start out with something really basic albeit involving the worst plan of all time: give children invincible robots and not tell them about each other even though they are expected to cooperate. Then you have these pacifist dudes that are all about peace but are constantly getting bailed out in obviously non-pacifistic ways. Then white fang shows up and dudes can't decide what their names are.

    And in all this the messages get confused. Gundam wing to me at its very core is safety through violence or pacifism but every time they try to hammer in the point its so bad. Oh you saw two guys in space fighting and now you want to put your differences aside? How about when your husbands and sons were put in mobile suits to be slaughtered by those same dudes?

    The shows not without good stuff but it almost seems like it was written by 50 dudes who never talked to each other.

    The gundams weren't invincible, just nigh invulnerable. They could be hurt with a lot of firepower, against a lot of skilled opposition and few lucky shots. I mean, they are being constantly repaired throughout the series.
    This seems to me like a misunderstanding by the writers on what impenetrable armor would be like. Almost like it has hit points or something. Regardless it doesn't really matter, for all intents and purposes the fights lack dramatic tension because not only do you not have to worry about the protagonists dying -- at any given the time the stakes could be something you only just learned about.
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