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Thread: hint and help for making a Manga.

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    those are all great. thanks

    For now, my biggest issue is shading and backgrounds. I tend to make really crappy backgrounds and I cannot find a shading style that suits me. If I can handle those, I think I will be able to draw my own manga. But as it looks like now... I need either a hell lot of practise, or help from a collaboration. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Ok. I read some of the posts in one of ClockHand's link and want to correct myself. I will not make a "manga" since I am not Japanese. However, I will make a comic based of mangas and in the art style manga/anime/oekaki is known from. It will take place in an own world with own cultures so I won't mock anything from any country. Just making that clear to avoid later discussions.
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