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Thread: Mr-Pajamas' arts! Attempt At Lineart pg.2. Colon Capital "P"

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    Most of the specific criticism has been stated. I think you should, in general, practice more anatomy and get used to how each shape in a body works with eachother. What you can do is just, for now, draw from references as much as possible. Like every chance you get, just doodle what you see. Don't even worry about details, simply learn to get proportions down. I'm linking you to a thing that shows different poses every 30 seconds, and you're basically suppose to drawn each pose you see. It's really helpful

    The site has a shit load of dynamic poses in general that will really help. You have a really interesting style though, and I look forward to seeing it develop (:

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    @Demonfyre- Thanks for your tips and input. Especially with the legs thing. I've been keeping it in mind when I sketch and hopefully I'm getting better at it.

    @Shadowsfade- Not confusing at all :3 I'll probably redraw that picture sometime soon and try one of the two positions you recommended. Thanks.

    @Toasty- That site looks great! I'm not one for gesture drawing but I suppose it wouldn't hurt in the slightest. Also I've been reading a lot online about anatomy so hopefully my proportions will improve with time. I'm trying to stay fairly true to anatomical details and junk while still retaining the cartoon-y style I have going. Anyways... Thanks for your tips.

    K so I'm not experienced at all when it comes to lineart so bear with me, but also let me know anything I need to about that. Additionally, let me know if there's any anatomical flubs.
    SPOILER! :

    I plan on coloring this later so definitely look for that sometime :3

    Also let me know if you can't see this picture... Because I can't D:
    EDIT: fix'd
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    Those legs are looking much better, keep working at it


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