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    [P5E] OOC Thread

    The Great Pendragon Campaign

    Welcome to The Great Pendragon Campaign. Sorry about the multiposting, but I need a lot of info on here, and the forum gives me an error message if I put too much in one post. Anyway. In this thread is everything and anything you need to play Pendragon 5E on Manga Tutorials.

    Note: The following info should really only be used as reference. I suggest all players read the setting info, but I'll guide you guys through the intricacies of the rules as we play.

    Disclaimer: All rights to the Pendragon Tabletop RPG Franchise belong to Gregg Stafford and White Wolf. Below is my interpretation of the rules presented, non-profit, as of the terms of the attributed Creative Commons license.

    Post 1: Introduction, Disclaimer, Resources, Player List, NPC List, Location List.
    Post 2: Recent History, Feudalism, Britain, Logres, and Salisbury.
    Post 3: The Building Blocks of a Character.
    Post 4: Rolling Dice, Combat, Injury and Health.
    Post 5: Game Time, Winter Phase.

    Invisible Castle - To Be Used For Dice Rolling
    The Pendragon Page - has name generators, maps, and other useful resources.

    The Knights
    to be updated...

    Important Non-Player Characters
    to be updated...

    Important Locations
    to be updated...
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