This is a random idea i thought of. To practice creating characters, as well as to help writers develop characters they've already made, I made a forum thread for characters.

The idea is to post as though you are your character. Original characters are encouraged but if you want to use a popular hero or villain fine. Start all posts like this:

Yourcharactername: text..........................
more text..............................

yourcharacter'ssignature (optional)

What inspired me to do this is that some of my friends and I used to come up with a bunch of different random scenes for cartoons and such, and eventually we'd begin re-using characters until they became fully-fledged roles with backgrounds and personalities. Now, some of those characters have been integrated into our writing. If you are having trouble inventing a unique character, start here!

- all MT forum rules apply
- if you have a question about the thead or want to speak out of character, put it in italics.
- this is an open forum. Having no knowledge of how copyrights or trademarks work, I assume any ideas or characters you use here are free for everyone else to draw from. So, if you don't want to chance having an idea stolen, I would keep it to yourself.
- Yes, this is pretty corny. I know. If you're going to post and tell me that, don't.

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Jettson Packer: Hello everyone! Jettson Packer here. I'm an intergalactic mechanic from the Milky Way. I'm trying to work on an interplanetary jetpack system but I've hit a road block. The antigravitational lift system is functioning properly but I can't seem to condense the components to a small enough size so it will fit in a standard flight pack. Any ideas? I'm working with a X-700 InfinityPlus fusion generator and triple-reinforced Lightum alloys.

Also, anyone from this dimension pickup Halo 10? I'm not sure if they ported it to other dimensions yet? I got it but my Xbox Photon got the red ring (they still haven't fixed it...)

Looking for any and all job offers as robotics engineer or computer technician. Willing to sit programming for hours without break.