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    I would like to GM a game using the Pendragon system (a.k.a. King Arthur Pendragon; I'm using the 5th edition rules). I'm aware this is a little known system compared to the "big guns" like D&D, Warhammer, Cthulhu, etc. and therefore I am willing to accept players who have no knowledge of it, and walk them through character creation and so on. It thankfully does not take long to grasp all the basic concepts, and I really do find this system pretty damn interesting, hence why I'm choosing it over better known ones.

    This is a game of medieval fantasy set into the world of King Arthur, played using feudal standards and offering a chance to experience vicariously that long-lost world, in both its brutal reality and its fantastic idealism. Every player character is a knight, thus having both the privileges of elite society and also the risky, often deadly responsibilities. These dichotomies — brutal reality versus idealism, elite privilege versus deadly burden — are the basis for the game. Pendragon is a game for knights. It is not about magicians, thieves, or scholars, nor about “might-have-beens” or “could-haves”. But the “reality” of this game is not a specific period of knighthood. The game crowds the entire Middle Ages into its framework, moving your character’s family through the equivalent of centuries of time. It begins in the Dark Ages and ends just before the Renaissance, allowing you to sample the developments of armor, weapons, castles, and customs in a process of accelerating change.

    Therefore, you do not forever play with a single character in Pendragon. Your original character will most likely have babies during gameplay, and will age progressively. When he dies, or when he becomes too old to go adventuring, you can then play his heir, who will inherit some of his father's stats, or his younger brother, etc. The focus is more on playing a dynasty. The scope of this campaign is around 80 years; in fact, it starts before Arthur is even born, and ends during the twilight of the round table. Needless to say, no single character can live and adventure through all of this.

    Another strength and originality of the game is the use of traits and passions, which describe your character's personality and actually incorporate it into the game mechanics. For example, is your knight known for his honesty? If so, should he try during gameplay to be devious and tell a lie, he would need to roll higher than his "Truthful" trait to be able to do so. Does your character have a high sense of honour? If so, if he feels his honour is at stake during a specific situation, he may attempt to roll under his "Honour" passion and gain a big bonus to any appropriate skill during said situation, as a result of being inspired by his passion. Both your traits and passions are anything but static: your actions during gameplay and the game's events will constantly make them evolve over time.

    Magic exists and plays a very important role at times, but its use is reserved to the GM. Player characters play knights, and magic is very mysterious and often scary to them.

    I'm looking for 3-5 players for this game. If you are interested, post below. Perhaps say something about yourself, your experience with Arthurian lore, or roleplaying in general.

    I will be happy to answer any questions in this thread. Or on AIM. (sawyerwilliams22)

    Link to Pendragon Wikipedia page.
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    I'll join. I've roleplayed a load before. I'm not awesome with Arthurian lore.

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    Cool. That's fine. It'll keep the campaign enigmatic for you.

    Ideally I want at least two more players before we start. So here's some more about the RPG to try and tempt a couple more players...

    My campaign starts in the dark ages, in the height of the reign of King Uther Pendragon. The players are soon-to-be knights of 21 years of age. Your characters are generated similarly to in D&D, the player and GM work through the process one step at a time. Unlike in D&D, the GM then determines your family from the days of your grandfather. This includes the Glory of your family, the richness of their manor, and how many brother and cousin-knights your character has to fall back on in times of trouble.

    As the story unfolds, you watch your family tree grow, manage your lands, swear oaths of fealty in return for rewards, enter tournaments, hunt, wage war, and take part in other Knightly activities. However, this isn't a meta-game strategy. The focus will be on your individual PCs, their relationships with each other, and their adventures and interactions.

    The game works as a series of years divided into two parts. The Summer and The Winter (The Summer includes early summer to early autumn, and The Winter includes mid-autumn to late winter. Most of the action and story I have lined up takes place during The Summer months, while The Winter essentially acts as a level-up screen. Here your character trains, can sire children, etc.

    The campaign starts in the reign of King Uther, follows Arthur's rise to power, and ends during the twilight of the round table. Players will witness their own rise to glory as allies (or enemies) of King Arthur. They will interact with heroes of legend such as Merlin and Sir Lancelot. They may be well be present at the drawing of The Sword in The Stone, or the mass of the Holy Grail. Tis an epic adventure...

    Again, any clarifications of rules, or questions about the campaign?

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    Hey Sawyer. I tried to add you as a freind because I couldn't PM you back for some reason... I think your contact profile is set to "freinds only" or something.

    Anyway. The whole geneoligy and seasonal thing sounds pretty nifty. Reg actually knows quite a bit about Avalonian folklore conviently, but it does worry me that from what I can see character options are pretty limited. Black knight or white knight, if you know what I mean.

    Colour me interested but uninspired. >_>

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    Umm, I am interested, but then my RPG experience is nil.

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    I'm interested and I've read some books about this stuff

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    For some reason my PMs don't seem to work. I've configured all the settings correctly, but still nada. I've asked the mods, but nobody seems to really understand why stuff ain't working.

    But anyway. I do see where you are coming from. You're concerned about lack of choice for PCs right? Yes. The major limitation to this game is that everyone has to play a knight. There aren't classes like in D&D. However, the game still provides for plenty of customization imo.

    For one, there's plenty of variation in skills. From riding and hunting, to sword fighting and singing. See below:
    SPOILER! :
    Non-combat skills
    Awareness 5
    Boating 1
    Compose 1
    Courtesy 3
    Dancing 2
    Faerie Lore 1
    Falconry 3
    First Aid 10
    Flirting 3
    Folklore 2
    Gaming 3
    Heraldry 3
    Hunting 2
    Intrigue 3
    Orate 3
    Play [harp] 3
    Read [Latin] 0
    Recognize 3
    Religion [your religion of choice] 2
    Romance 2
    Singing 2
    Stewardship 2
    Swimming 2
    Tourney 2

    Combat skills

    Sword 10
    Lance 10
    Spear 6
    Dagger 5
    Battle 10
    Horsemanship 10

    The number after each is the base starting level for PCs in this campaign. During character creation, you can add a number of points to further customize your character.

    Apart from these, there are your characters stats. You can focus on either Appearance, Strength, Size, Constitution, or Dexterity - or a mix of two or more.

    Then you have traits. These are what really determine the emotional basis of your character. Each trait is double-edged. Essentially making it a sliding scale. The two opposing traits, together, equal 20. So if you have CHASTE 15, you must have LUSTFUL 5. Full list...
    SPOILER! :

    Finally there are passions. These represent what drives your character. Some examples:
    SPOILER! :

    Loyalty (lord): 15
    Love (family): 15
    Hospitality: 15
    Honor: 15
    Hate (Saxons) : 7

    The nitty gritty of how all these numbers effect the game would take a bit of explaining, but I'm sure you can see that characters are a little more complex than black knight, white knight.

    I do see that the system in unlike D&D, but think about it like this. In D&D, you choose different games to play depending on your class; ie: a wizard will essentially play an entirely different game than a fighter or a rogue. Pendragon is more like D20 (if you're familiar with that), all players are playing the same game, but in different WAYS.

    So you're all knights, but some of you are smashy knights, some of you are spoony knights, some of you are horsey knights, some of you are axey knights.

    Shouldn't be a problem. I doubt anyone is familiar with the system.


    I'll give it another day or so, but I reckon four players are cool (if Regantor is interested.)

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    OOC thread under construction...

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