Greetings fellow earthlings!

I'm known around the net as El Toro Guaco, but you may call me Guaco.
I have been drawing since February 2010 and have been submitting my arts to deviantart since march 2nd 2010. On Deviantart and later furafinity, I've been submitting my dragon arts and sometimes manga styled humans and my own comic style.

I haven't been making any mangas yet, but I plan to. as soon as I think I can master the style.

To get guidance and critics from professionals like you guys, I created this user to upload my manga arts outside of deviantart. However, if you'd like to follow my arts and see everything I draw, feel free to watch me on Deviantart. Though it is not a must. I won't advertise on myself to you guys. I leave it to you to figure out the worth in it.

Hope you will enjoy my stay as much as I will enjoy staying.