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    How do people make character sprites (like the gifs in peoples pics or the little guy from zelda/pokemon)

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?

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    You know, we are an art help website. So to tell someone who asked an art-related question on an art help website to Google it instead doesn't really make much sense.

    You can make sprites in Paint, if you wanted to. But you'd have to draw it frame by frame unless you were using bones. Animating it can be done in Photoshop or GIMP by saving the file (with each frame as one layer) as a .gif animation.

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    I do a fair but of Pokemon spriting and I just ended up making some bases that I use for most everything. It all started out with dicking around is MS Paint and really, really heavy edits. That's how most people start.
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    Photoshop is great as you can make the gif in the same software. We used to have sprite tutorial mad by James, but he only made till the first part and never finished.


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