Hey guys!

Name's Raz, and I'm back- after a loooooong break, because I want to start drawing again, and cause I kinda miss this place.

I used to draw and 3d model (I even made a mini-game with my avatar as the character ! ) and now I wanna get back on tracks. I absolutely love good animes, and because of my addictive nature I tend to watch short 12-episode animes in one sitting sometimes. I used to like only Rock music but now I just love any type of music.

I'm from Israel (no politics/hate please !), I'm currently finishing up with my last highschool year. Dream job is working in Game Design, I'm currently making my way there slowly and steadily

Well, for those of you who don't know who I am..
I joined this site first around 2006, when I was just a stupid kiddie who loved drawing and doing terrible RPs After a couple of months lovely-lady-Rio made me a moderator, that's when things started to go downhill with me acting like an ass and eventually I left.

I see this place has gotten waaay bigger (holy shit 200 online users?!) and that's really awesome

Sooo, anyone here recognize me?