Me again. Things are going well on Atrophy, lots of work going on behind the scenes but since that one's a full collaboration and not a paid arrangement I've decided to branch out and get more than one fire going.

The nitty-gritty ness

This arrangement would be a web comic, with one page released week to week. Probably sometime around Friday-Sunday (negotiable). What I'm looking for is an artist to take the script ( I am happy to do a storyboard and provide rough sketches / detailed descriptions of characters ) and do the pages, most likely in black and white although depending on the pricing I could agree to go full colored.

In terms of payment I'm offering $30 (negotiable) per page, transferred via paypal on completion and transfer of each page. For full colored work I would not be willing to go above $50 per page. I would like for each page to be completed on a weekly basis and sent over to me with two days notice before the page goes live. This is to ensure any snafus can be dealt with accordingly with plenty of time between transfer and upload.

I'm happy to give you a 50/50 split on ownership of the work, plus a 50/50 on any profit made following it. On the off chance it actually goes somewhere and doesn't simply remain a webcomic.

The initial run will be approx 40 weeks, at which time I intend to review how things have gone, how much traffic is being generated etc and then decide whether it's worth it to continue or not.

If you aren't feeling happy with how things are going before that time, you are free to leave the project with one pages notice. Basically, if it's mid week I'd need you to finish off that weeks page, then we're all good. If you express your desire to leave the project on delivery of a page, then we're all good too.

In the event this happens and I decide to go forward with a different artist your ownership split would be agreed to be only effective for the pages you created. In the event a hardback copy was made and sold, you'd receive a percentage split equal to the percentage of pages within which were your work.

A first run of four pages would need to be created, so that there is always another page ready to go in the event that RL means either of us can't commit enough time one week to finish a page. I feel any more than that would take out the ability to reference popular culture, recent events and the likes. If a joke goes in that references those tropes.

The comic itself

The comic is based around the Space comedy idea I expressed in this thread:
http://www.mangatutorials.com/forum/...nga-ideas.-%29 (It's the last post currently)

I plan to have the tone be light hearted and comical, with a few more tender moments. I'm writing to try and have one joke / laugh moment per page currently, re-drafting the script linked to on the page. The more down tempo pages will likely not have a joke or humorous moment however.

There will be no F-bombs or the likes within the script, however there are some low brow jokes in there. In the first few pages for example I've referenced an oil burn as being mistaken for some form of STD. Which causes Gavin some serious embarrassment and general awkwardness.

Overall the story will follow him going from being a washed out, disgruntled looser to stealing a ship and then onwards living the good life... After a few mishaps and such. There's the option for him to embark on a hero type story, however I'm not looking to go down that path currently. Characters will come and go, however Gavin will be the main character for the length of the webcomic.

Art style

I'm looking for something with a bit more of a lighthearted, possibly cartoonish nature to it. Manga, western or other art styles would probably fit, however the art should not be too serious. I don't have too many preferences really on this side. Open to suggestion.

Please contact me via pm if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!