Hi I am Khalil Withrow or Owithrow or just O

I have to admit, I am not at all a manga drawer or animator or artist it is not because I dont like those its because I could never draw them. What I am is a great writer, using methods, procedures, and teamwork to write my stories
I, as a person, am very intelligent (albeit lazy) and also very good at writing. I help teach other people how to write (and do math/history/physics) even though i am half black, I am not athletic/sauve/or social much to the disapointment of my family. I'm extreemly trustworthy (I would never do anything dishonest to a friend or stranger) and regrettibly very nice (got beat up because 5 kids were picking on 1 other kid, nonetheless I got my ass kicked).

Anyways I mentioned I use teamwork when writing, this is because I have a sole belief that great things cant be done alone (though stated yes) with a few exceptions of course. I develope teams for a lot of things, since i move a lot my teams change (2 high schools 4 middle schools). Right now it is me and a friend co-writing a manga. My friend is the main source of my manga knowledge.

Other facts: I play video games (not much anymore though) mainly WoW, SC2, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy (favorite is 10). My goal is to either get a job in the fbi, unite the world under one peaceful government, write a succseful manga or novel series, or become a hero. I also want to invent a way to stop ageing for I want to learn as much as possible and I cant if I die

My personality: Generally calm Ive never stressed about anything big (though my brother and sisters nnoy me sometimes), I tend to be a bit harsh do to my cynical view of life but I always tend to be nice and cheerful. I also have a desire to save a person or a lot of people's lives because I was always called a devils child (born june 6) and I like to prove people wrong.