First of all this is my first thread, my name is Khalil Withrow or just call me O (the letter). The letter O is not actually signifigant and is just a letter i like the sound of, it also happens to be the name of one of the main characters in a manga im writing.

SO ive never written a manga but i want to try a diffrent writing style. Ive been reading a bunch of mangas to see the style and ive talked to ppl who read a lot of them. I got a few of them to help me out and im starting one.
So far I have no specific story because i write in steps
1. Setting: Ill think of the time and place then the cultures then id draw a crude map

2. Characters: Specificly there are 8 main characters with 3 of them being the main main characters (im not sure if thats confusing or not) but I go personality:weakness:strengths:alignmentowers) I tend not to think about what they look like until the end

3. Generall plot: I think of an antogonist (hard for mangas cause there could be many, though mine is just human problems) then what they do, then they're power (like do they have an army or are they a powerfull demon)

4. Then i get the characters refined, giving them each a history, personality, and relationship (this is easy for me because character developement never was hard though i tend to add remove and completely remake charactrs at this stage)

5. This is where i write the actual draft

Anyways i would like tips from people who write mangas as i tend to use this method for novels and short stories, i dont know if this is to much effort or not enough
If you would like to actually hear the plot of the story i can post it but since im on my ipad and typing is a pain, itll have to be later or only on request.