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    Well, I was mostly just pointing out that said lore is what makes alot of western comics inaccessible to new fans... I'm sure that there are many stand-alone examples out there of even the batman or superman franchises, but with the way that I've frequently seen it being handled, it can be a little like going to watch a new movie of Jason and the Argonauts and finding out the director expected you to read the Odyssey first.

    The later star trek and gundam series have exact the same problem, so I'm not trying to smear their quality or anything. It's just a very large-scale underlying problem with the system that has become industry standard. It's gotten to the point that even comics which have no common ground can easily be confused with the ones that do by the uninitiated.

    This is ignoring the scenarios where some parts of the series are considered far better than others, too. x_x
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