Hey everyone so um yeah! I'm new here and have absolutely no clue what I'm doing Soooo..... if anyone could give me some pointers I'd appreciate it!

I have no clue if I'll ever post my drawings or not because unlike my amazing ginger friend, I am not very good..... *corner of shame*

However, I want to be a mangaka when I grow up, so I guess I'll keep trying! And I just realized that I may not have spelled that right, because my friend always told me it was spelled man-GAI-ka. Or maybe she never told me that and I am an idiot.... There might not be a maybe in that last sentence... Pardon my senseless ramblings...

Oh wel, I'm glad to be a part of this community, and please take care of me!

P.S Does one have to be a special member to draw on the Oekaki board?