I am Chinese Filipino an I grew up in California. For some reason growing up as a kid all my friends were Japanese. As a scrawny Asian kid I was bullied allot but one day my friends had had enough. One of my friends brought me over to his house and he played a tape he had. It was Kyo Kare Ore Wa, although it was only a few episodes and my friend had to translate for me it was amazing. The next day when my bully came to bother me again I shouted " Oi Korrraaa!" grabbed his shirt and headbutted him. It turned into a big brawl with my friends an I vs him and his friends. Obviously four asian kids vs twelve white kids would not end good, we lost but I took a lesson from Mitsuhashi and beat the crap outa them one by one. And thats how I got into anime and manga, afterwards I began reading my friends copies of slam dunk, kyo kare ore wa and angel densetsu. Anyways, despite my user name I do not smoke or squat in front of convenience stores lol . I hope to upload some of my pics for some well needed critiquing, as soon as I figure out how to scan with my printer. That's it, please take care of this newbie