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    @trilokcool3 - ok thanks! More you shall see when I finish this fan art type thing i'm working on

    @JJJorgie - Yeah I still need too, I think i'll do some hand practice today as well and get that right i'm going to finish colour rendering it first though for the practice and thanks a lot!

    @Nisaren - Ok i'll do some cloth studies just found some useful DA stocks with fabric references so i'll try that out

    @Shadowsfade - Thanks for those links! I'll watch those now and go get some practice into clothing folds immediately i've tried studying clothing, you should have seen my first attempts at clothing folds... they were abominations :L

    @Gaff - Ok i'll try that in future drawings thanks for pointing that out to me!

    Thank you all for the feedback xD i'll get that computer rendered drawing done quickly and start practicing and fixing up those areas the colour rendering is coming along nicely so far, so much better than my first attempt
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