Cor, lots of stuff to comment on!

I like the first pic, eternal, it's a muuch more natural pose than lots of the previous ones you've done for them. JJ already made the comment about the (our) right breast being a diff size, and I like the folds that you've done, especially on the sleeve of the raised arm.
I agree that the profiles need a bit of work, I think it's mainly the noses that are being a problem. To help with what JJ said about the lips, after the nose, the face should go in slightly before the mouth, you've just drawn a straight line.

The female manga body practice is pretty cool, i like the design of the underwear / socks! I want the socks ;P Finally, I agree that (our) right hand on the latest pic is a bit odd, I think it's to do with where you start the knuckles of the fingers, and then cut off the fingers. Also, I dont think the verticle fold lines across the breasts are quite right, they dont really tend to fold that way from what ive seen.