@Raikov - Thanks for that very detailed critique and i'm glad you like my artstyle I see there is still lots of shading for me to work on and i'll keep that in mind when I next do a colour render also can I ask what I use the small circles I use to divide up the main circle for the head? Is that what I use to establish the width of the arms? Also sorry, i'm usually sloppy with my shading and lighting because i'm usually more concerned about correcting all my flaws with the initial drawings themselves.


Rena Kunisaki:

Yes I am aware that the waist and body in general is very thin, this is due to the reference I used being like that and also... well, the head height of the reference was actually 5 and I drew it out in 6 and didn't notice until I literally had finished it >.> so it will also appear elongated :/ also i'm not sure what is wrong with the hair... but it gives me a weird feeling when I look at it :/

Anatomy Practice Session 2:

More anatomy practice also I have 2 questions for anyone that reads this:

1) Am I missing out any important details on my anatomy practice?
2) My anatomy sketches are all 6 heads tall, should I change this to 7/8 so its more like the proper human proportions or will it be fine as 6?