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    @Shadowsfade - Thank you! I've been wondering what was up with that face... I wasn't too sure :/ maybe I will try a redraw and see if I can get those mistakes out of it and I will also fix that up for the succubus!

    @AnimeRebel - Yup, I love my soul eater :3 and noted, however the stylisation was intentional

    @JJ - Thanks :3 I shall fix them up

    @Toast - :3

    @Bunny/Cora - Thank ye both :3 I have got that on my massive list of studies over my christmas break, and I will give that some attempts possibly in the next day or two if my exam studies don't get in the way too much :3

    Thanks a lot guys, I will try to fix all of that up

    Edit: I was also wondering if I could get some specific critique on the shading, it's something i've just been taking in it's stride for the past while, but I probably ought to fit in some studies for it as well later on, so yeah, how has it been?
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