Man, that girl in post #434. If I did emoticons, I'd do one of those little heart-type things. But I don't. So I won't.
(But anyway, she looks really familiar. Did the person you traded with have a ridiculously long name that you couldn't pronounce if you tried and have an angel OC as well?)

This most recent drawing, I'm liking the shading, and your anatomy's getting way better than it used to be. Your pictures have depth where they used to look flat, too.

But! Be careful with the glasses. I think they should be pushed further away from his face, and those things that hook them onto the ears--they usually don't bend. Glasses are designed in a way where the edges are directly in front of the ears, or at least very close. I've never seen any glasses that wrapped around like they do in this picture (and in plenty of anime). Only goggles do that.