NOTE- This is a rehash of the same thread from the old forum.

You're planning a page in a manga or a comic. It's a tense, page-turning scene. You're character stands up on a platform/stage/rock/castle/giant plastic boob and the lights shine as a spotlight.

This is it. The big one. The speech that should cement in your reader's mind that your character is Bad-Ass with a capital B (and A).

You slowly think of something for him to say.... and you come up with something crap. Utter crap. A monologue that has pretty much ruined the entire scene and the dignity of the character.

Monologues and One-liners are essential for a kick-ass, awesome manga. But when they fail, they fail.

Here is the thread to introduce your One-liners/Monologues and have them completely fail-free with clever advice from fellow MTers. Or, maybe you need advice on one or can't think of one. Or, perhaps you just want to dump one here. This thread is here for all of those purposes.

Get your sunglasses and Schwarzenegger-style speech on and enter today!