For those on the know, you can change the theme of the main site to ones with different colors and background images. For those who don't know, follow these steps:

To change the theme, just log into your account and hit the Customize Dashboard link beneath the Logout button. Once hit, a window will pop up above.

There will be several boxes featured with names a small preview of the colors or image used. Select one (a preview will appear live) and if you like it, click on the blue button that appears on the left named Use Theme. NOTE: If you do not hit the Use Theme button, the theme will revert to the originally selected theme.

The following buttons will help you out if you need more room:
Full Screen - this will make the Customize Dashboard window take over the full screen
Toggle - this will minimize or maximize the side of the Customize Dashboard window
Blocks - this will minimize or maximize the Blocks in your Dashboard

Hit the Close link on the upper right when you are done.

We've had these themes for over a year now and I think it's time for a change. Vote for your favorite theme. The top three will stay for another year. The rest will be changed. You have a week to vote, one vote per person, so vote today!