Please Note: this is not a thread asking for help in using a tablet, this is not to say I am averse to said advice, especially if anyone can tell me how to constrain input to one monitor in a multi-monitor set up (i have two side by side widescreen monitors, one of which is also my TV). I just wanted to say this to avoid people linking me to the no doubt countless threads on here asking for advice on using a tablet.

So, i just got an interesting and kind of awesome gift. Which is to say someone got me a a Tablet as a gift. I am all at once excited/overjoyed and somewhat, well worried is the best word i can come up with for my mood. you see, the thing is i haven't drawn in ages. This is not really a problem in and of itself, more so the why of that is; long story short drawing tends to stress me out, sometimes to the point of rage, and though it would be a fallacy to say I don't enjoy drawing that enjoyment is outweighed if not drowned by the aforementioned stress.

This has not really been a problem as though i have never really found a solution, ignoring it and not drawing hasn't done me wrong outside the occasional bout of feeling down that i don't draw and/or how useful (though not wholly essential) a skill it can be for many of my ideas and ambitions. but now i have this fancy piece of tech sitting on my desk (upon which space is at a premium) and though i have been using it in my general web browsing (love the handwriting recognition if only because it actually can read what i write, most of the time) but really a tablet is a tool arguably built for one primary/sole purpose, well maybe more a broad range of purposes with a common theme...

now than let me clarify that this is not a purely "OMG I HAVE THIS FANCY GIFT I HAVE TO USE IT" nor are the gift givers in question staring over my shoulder bothering me to use it. I have in general wanted to get back into drawing for a while; as i said i do enjoy it and it is useful for many of my ambitions and ideas. thing is i'm sort of in a 'once bitten twi...OH DEAR GOD I MUST GO HIDE IN THE CORNER OR IT WILL CONSUME MY SOUL" state, and the lack of drawing over the last 4-7 years (note: this is not an 'i have not drawn at all' situation, but if i get 5+ sketches/doodles out in the span a year it's just short of a miracle) has probably not helped matters.

So anyways, it may be an odd (it sounds odd to me) situation, but i'm (obviously) looking for help on this and would appreciate it if i got some.