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Thread: V-Type (Concept Stage.)

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    Hey Nyarl! It's been quite a while since I last seen you around. Cheers for dropping by.

    -And, erm... Sort of? The first time I came up with 'Landers' was when I was working on the series Obsolete, but the technology was a bit crazier then, and I guess I've just gotten better at telling what is realistic or not. My theology has always been that if what you are working on turns crappy, it's okay to ditch it as long as you keep on salvaging the good bits; That way it might eventually become all good bits. :3

    Still working on this, anyhow. Just thinking of a way of making the narrative more interesting than it sort of is right now.

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    I have been reading this, and I have decided to trust you know your math because I suck at math.
    Aside from the above:
    This looks cool. You should finish it. If you publish it, I'd probably buy it.
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    I pegged you as a sadist, nyuck nyuck.
    My Story Thread

    If you took the time to read this, you can just call me Al, or Stan.


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