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    V-Type (Concept Stage.)

    Yo. My inability to stick to one bloody idea is getting a bit ridiculous, so I thought I’d post the foundations of my newest project in advance this time. If any of you guys want to note any mega clichés, pet peeves or general turn-offs you find, it would be really appreciated. Blatantly telling me that you just plain find the plot mega boring is also acceptable. ;I


    Name: V-Type
    Genre: Military Sci-fi / ‘Hard’ Mecha / Drama / Comedy-ish elements

    Basic Plot:

    2051. The rapid expansion of private companies into space mining ventures has led to a completely new social order, with the Earth, the Moon and Mars de-facto holding the same amount of power between them after decades of war and political unrest.

    The alliance was holding well, until the mining colony on Ceres was suddenly hit by a cataclysmic terrorist attack, irradiating the entire dwarf planet for years to come, and sending brand new waves of animosity rumbling between the three powers.

    Vesta is caught in a middle; A tiny proto-planet that the newly-formed “interplanetary peacekeeping initiative” are tearing apart looking for the culprit of the terrorist attack… or a scapegoat, at the very least.

    The story begins as Alane Genev, working for the Vesta’s intelligence committee, finally manages to track down and recruit a reclusive ex-Ceres special forces soldier called Gregori Polov.

    Little do either of them know that the witch hunt is only just warming up…


    Name: Gregori Polov
    Age: 31
    Nationality: Cerusian (German/Polish genetically speaking.)
    Basic Description: A planetary war veteran with a slightly dopey, thuggish, socially clueless personality. Tactically speaking, however, he is extremely astute and always seems to be one step ahead of enemies and allies alike. None the less, his stoic attitude and inability to understand other people has always prevented him from climbing in rank in the past.

    Name: Alane Genev
    Age: 26
    Nationality: Vestian (French genetically speaking.)
    Basic Description: A young hothead with a fireball personality and a short temper, Alane has little patience for idiots and an extremely naïve attitude towards combat scenarios. She is a particularly proficient fighter and lander pilot, but joined the intelligence service rather than the actual Vestian Guard because of her preference for independence.


    Name: A3LB (Commonly nick-named the “Alb.”)
    Production company: Lunar Ballistics.
    Height/Weight: 8 Meters / 84 Tonnes
    Basic Description: A relatively small, light weight Lander, with great weapon and sensor carrying ability. Both of it’s engines are Arcjets, meaning good performance but expensive fuel. There are many alternate configurations and new weapon options within this family, making it a favourite for military special forces.

    Name: NAL1 “Netvor”
    Production company: Navotny Orbital Assemblies.
    Height/Weight: 12 Meters / 472 Tonnes
    Basic Description: An extremely dense, robust behemoth, the Netvor is actually faster in a straight line than the A3 series because it’s larger Ion thrusters. This also means that it runs on cheaper fuel, but suffers greatly from a reduced carrying capacity, and thus inferior weapons and sensors, and also a seriously stunted range.
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