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Thread: Toonami Returns

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    Damnit... I don't think we will be getting a Toonami revival in the UK right in the childhood

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    YES! They have Deadman Wonderland!

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    See I'm disappointed because I've seen most of that stuff already. i want new stuff....

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    i like how TOM had a commercial explaining why they have to play reruns when i saw this i was like THAT'S FUCKING GREAT THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY I LOVE U and also im in love with Deadman wonder land and Casshern sins, one could say that it "blows the mind" or it that going to far? there was a night like a couple weeks before their official come back and they played random episodes of random anime then they stopped the next weekend then they were like DERP IM FUCKING BACK and i then pissed myself.
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