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Thread: Opinions Are Viral

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    Just like I learn from losing games I learn from experiencing stuff I hate. Also there are lots of times I chose to not read/play/watch something based on people telling me not to and found out I actually liked it a lot.

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    Deadly Premonition?

    Naw, but seriously. I guess you and I have different methods of learning. I guess that should have been obvious enough what with the whole MvC3 debate.

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    Oh god I could just say 'I agree' to jubeh's posts! :P

    But yeah, social media for me is not just expressing opinions, but also sharing information and thoughts. Interesting links to articles, news, pictures/videos/creations etc. Besides, what you take from a particular item (article, blogpost, video, anything) can be very different from what the other person takes from it. Also, simply 'liking' and 'sharing' (facebook) or re-tweeting and all that do have some significance. The more responses (in the form of comments, likes and shares) a particular item gets, the more it shows up on someone's timeline, or in general the internet. That way, that article reaches more people, and there's a high chance it is worthwhile for most people judging on the response it gathered.

    That's at least how I use the social network. I follow people..things...that have same interests as I do (maybe differing opinions), I get info from them. Anything that impresses/impacts me, I share with the appropriate circle (facebook/twitter/whatever).


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