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Thread: hello's from Nova

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    hello's from Nova

    hey everybody here at mangatotorials. i just started drawing this past year (mostly by reference lol) and i was hoping somebody could give any advice they have at drawing Manga, it would be appreciated. i tried to get notice over at deviant art but it is near imposible:( so i came to this smaller community. hope i can help out in any way possible.

    Condolences from Nova

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    Hi Nova! Welcome to Manga Tutorials! If you would like critiques, hop on over to the Critique Corner. It's tough at DeviantArt. Even if you know a lot of people, most don't give good critique's if any.

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    thanks i appreciate the quick reply, sounds like a good idea

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    by reference is a great way to learn.
    and I agree with rio, you should post some of your work so we can help out. :)

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    already done, or mabye not... ill try to figure it out and get a couple up as soon as possible.(

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    Hey, Nova! Good to see you're working on getting some artwork posted. :3
    Deviant art is mainly a place to go to show off work. It's much better here in these smaller communities to get people to look at your art and tell you what you did wrong and what you did right.

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    I'm a little late joining the welcome, but uh...welcome!

    Sorry for my tardiness.

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    What's up, buuuuuuuuddy? Welcome to MT.


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