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Thread: you need to read this

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    I'm not quite sure I follow you...
    My AA thread - Updated 06/28/14

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial-Fox View Post
    You're my favorite.

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    If you tell me that Manga have a certain style with its own elements, and doesn't follow other "schools" of styles, then I would agree, but, then its mean that you can prove that they don't pass to those other schools, and neither those other schools pass to the style of "manga" and still keeping its name. If a manga artist do a manga with the elements of that other school, it would still be named manga, which mean the style is not what determines the object. And if you, try to do a manga, using its style, and still is not called manga, then manga is still not defined by its style.

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    Oh man you guys remember ninja high school


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