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Thread: Reality that you can't/hard to accept

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    Representative realism and immaterialism - Huh, I should read up on some of this. Do you have any formal education in philosophy, Del?
    I'm doing an A level in Philosophy at the moment (not university, Sylux!), but I also like reading philosophy books for fun. Ontology, which is the study of reality, isn't really my favourite field but it's the base for almost everything else so it's pretty important. My favourite fields are actually political philosophy and meta-ethics. Meta-ethics talks about what makes an action moral or immoral, as opposed to normative ethics which talks about how we make ethical decisions, or applied ethics, which tells us what we ought to do in particular situation.

    Phenomenology is important as a sturdy ontological basis for a post-structuralist anarchist perspective (my view) and for formulating morals that aren't either nihilistic or absolutist. The arguments are fairly complicated, but basically everything is subjective and at the same time we should take a stance while acknowledging that our views are ultimately based only on our emotions.
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