I've been developing a JRPG in the Unity 3D engine for a while now. Most of the key programming tasks are now completed and the story/characters have been designed. However, I'm missing a key ingredient; the side quest. When I think of my favourite JRPGs I often remember the side quests. Anyone else have fond memories of chocobo breeding in Final Fantasy VII?
Anyway, so what I'm asking for is some advice on what makes a good side quest, what people's favourite side quests are and I would also love to here some ideas for side quests! But before all that I guess I better provide some information about my game...

Project Azure (It's just a code name...)
In the military nation of Atycia, trouble is stirring... Four friends attending the government military academy, are pulled into a conspiracy that will see them outcast from their country, pursued by the military and a mysterious masked man...

- The game is set in the semi-steampunk world of Verilia, and the entire game takes place in the military nation of Atycia.

- The player will visit three main cities in the game:
- City 1: An industrial city that is home to Atycia's biggest power plant and the military academy. There is a big divide between rich and poor.
- City 2: A military outpost on the border of Atycia, it is home to a large, high-security prison. It is a very poor city.
- City 3: The capital city of Atycia, it is home to the richest of the rich. It is famed for its c asino's and other similar attractions.

- The player will travel between cities using an airship.

- Player party characters:
- A shy girl, who gains confidence as the game progresses.
- A cold girl, consumed by revenge.
- A quiet boy, who hides his desire to fight for what's right.
- A loud boy, who never backs down, however he has a dark past, hidden even from himself.
- A hardened soldier, who languished in prison for years. He has no love for the Atycian government. (He is a secret character).

- Battles in the game are turn based, with three characters taking part.

Sorry for the lack of detail, I really didn't feel like typing... So, start discussing the art of the side quest!

P.S. Might not reply to any comments for a couple of weeks, I'm going on holiday...