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Thread: Tetsu's arts: 3D animation on p.2

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    Regular Member Tetsu Yawl's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    c-f:thanks tons for your hlpful comment, I took that in use in my other animations I did lol, its true that my animations are pretty straight forward lol, I only thnik about making the character from point a to point b sometimes. I wanted to be too clean and simple, lol, I see that that jumping gap should end differentlyT_T

    Iccy: WAAAA D;;; Yeah im so rusty I admit, I often take breaks now cauz school asks artistic effort so I zone out sometimes when im not at school so I dont draw muxch, it really sux ._. But hey im doing the same crap but in 3D so., lets say its just as helpful, even more THANKSSSSS And yeah ill combine that knowledge totally.

    Fragment: yeah the first animation was kind of not bended too much but I really didnt want to exagerate too much For the second animation, As said before I guess looking at it now it looks quite robotic and forced. Its like all those large, mecanic movement for a simple jump, and the end needed what seefy mentionned, well, thanks a lot for pointing all that out.

    Nowww Ill show you guys a few 3D stuff, and J2 XD

    John paul final renders

    Dino monster (has a prettier turntable but imma gonna upload it later)

    Heres drawings of J2

    And thats it for now, enough upload for today!

    oh crap, cant change the thread title T_T >____<
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    Super Senior Member Demonfyre's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Capital Wasteland
    Oh they are all amazing ;___; no critiques, instead I shall just stare in awe :3

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    Regular Member BunnyVoid's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    wow the 3d stuff looks really cool :3 texture is awesome. may need more layers of texture to be more realistic, what software do you use?

    The action pose is just fantastic :3 i love the focus, gesture and foreshortening. Its inspiring really :3

    last pic abdomen may be slightly longer than usual or legs might be shorter than usual but besides that design and colors are really cool.

    I like your style! its interesting and unique.
    (___)0 VOID "Every act of creation, is first of all an act of destruction" - Picasso

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    Ying Yang Member Shinyy's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Damn your 3d shit is dope.
    When life gives you lemons ... you make orange juice and leave everyone wondering what the hell just happend.

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    101 Dalmations Member Midori-Midori's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Wooww your stuff is amazing!
    Your 3D stuff is awesome! I really like the 8th picture (black and white one). The angle and pose are just mindblowing.

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