I'd like to start off by saying this website was a wonderful resource for me 4 years ago. Only recently (few minutes ago) have I stumbled upon it again! Now that I understand the internet (and no longer have dial-up), I've decided to make a forum account.

(Time for my life's story)
HELLO! My name is Robert Ivaldi, I'm 16 and an on-and-(mostly)off hobbyist artist.
4 years ago I was in middle school; I was still caught between BE AN ENGINEER vs BE AN ARTIST. I chose the engineer route, but in the midst of doing calculations and drawing diagrams, I've always drew a doodle/fanart/sketch every now and then. As I come upon my last year of high school I finally have the free time to seriously get down to drawing consistently.

I enjoy things that are upbeat, optimistic, lighthearted, and dramatic but gets resolved (I'm a happy person). I've grown up playing Harvest Moon and it still stands as my favorite casual game. My favorite manga is the Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero) graphic novel. Favorite anime is True Tears (short, 1 season animes are like books to me). My favorite motion pictures are reserved for Studio Ghibli; has been and always will be!

I may have been on-and-off for 4 years, but I am starting from the basics! So any resources will be of help to me. I really hope to find a good how-to book as suggested in the tutorials. Anything I've drawn thus far has been 'reference' sketching. I need to be actively glancing at something to draw it. My hopes are to get away from that; create my own characters and be able to orient them how I please to make a scene.

I hope to be actively... active with the community! I thought I'd like to bring a gift with my arrival ^-^ So here's a reference sketch I've drawn in my new sketchbook; Natalie from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.

Not bad for not knowing perspective, shading, or how to draw bodies hm?
Just kidding, but I hope to use her design for a character someday! This site and the resources I find will surely get me there! I am happy to finally be here, and I will take in all the information I can from you all.