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Everyone on here is so concise...
I’ve had an idea for a manga for a while now, but this is the first time I have actually tried to put it on paper. I have all the key characters.
I feel my story is a bit weak, because whenever I sit down to write the story, I think of all the miscellaneous stuff that exists in the story’s universe (Technology, history, politics, etc) and end up with a lot more of that then the story itself. (I’ll post those if needed)
A lot of the story uses real countries- the reason I set it 200 years in the future is so I can provide/inject more history to explain why the “factions” act the way they do.
Any critique or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Year: 2291

There are basically three world superpowers {names uncertain}
AA- American Alliance
ES- European Sanctuary

In the year 2023, bio-weapons were becoming prevalent in warfare. While some countries attempted to move away from it, they could not deny the change.
The PRC (now weakened from democratic protesting and widespread upheaval) built a secret facility in Southern China dedicated to one cause alone: immunizing the populace from viral weapons. It was codenamed “Project: Metamorphosis” They planned to use a different virus to immunize people from bio-weapons. It would have to adapt to any situation. The project began kidnapping families to be used as test subjects. In 2034, 11 years after the start of the project, the project was discovered by the growing Middle-eastern powers and the complex was raided. A small group of test subjects escaped without detection. Within weeks of the raid, people began showing up at hospitals with a strange illness. It combated all forms of medication and began creating growths of biomass on the hosts.
The new species of human was surfacing. Taking immediate action, the weakening government ordered the execution of all the infected. However, rebel groups began kidnapping the infected people and supporting them. The original escapees emerged as the three leaders of the rebellion against the PRC, naming their organization the “Core”
By 2045, the Core had overthrown the old government and had formed their own. The virus that inhabited them was evolving, and new sub-species of Core people began appearing. Core began rapidly expanding its borders for access to more resources.The European countries banded together against the “menace” Core to form the European Sanctuary, governed by a single dictator. It pledged to eradicate the Core virus, using the large Christian population’s support to rally the country, and went into open conflict with Core. The US acted as a mediator, although anti-Core attitudes are high worldwide.