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Thread: Mad Menagerie Re-release in progress

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    Mad Menagerie Re-release in progress

    I've been kind of picking and pulling lately, making a funny, sarcastic, and satirical, but still engaging story driven Webcomic/manga.

    The whole background for the plot is a group of unusual people with abnormal abilities and states of being are all trying to overcome their various quirks and oddities while dealing with each others' antics.

    Each character is their own mixed bag of emotional and physical status. I want the interaction between the characters to be a big likeability area.

    This isn't meant to be the best drawn thing out there, since I'm only going for 2 to 3 pages per week and it's just a webcomic. I'm not looking for a masterpiece, just making a fun comic.

    These three pages are only a small fraction of the lot of characters that will be introduced. I'm working page 4 right now, and will post them as I go.
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    Pg4 with a new introduction.
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    And Pg5

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    2 new, plus I edited a few of the old pages.
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    It's pretty good, I think.
    The art is good.
    However, in my opinion, could be a bit more "sarcastic".
    My one question is how can someone be shy and outspoken?

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    Another new page. I got a little distracted by Diablo 3, so I didn't get my usual 2 or greater done last week. But on the other hand, I have the sequence of events for the next 30 pages planned out, and since the basic introductions are over, the storyline is going to start picking up some. There will be a mysterious character intro in the next page, and page 10 will have a surprise.

    @bijju Yeah, I've been trying to make it a bit more sarcastic but the story is going to pick up very soon, so there will be less humour overall. That's not to say it won't still be there, but some pages might be devoted to advancement of the plot. And yes, I changed the shy and outspoken thing, just haven't updated it. Thanks for the critique.
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    Just about to finish off the first ten, and that makes me happy.
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    Page number 10. Hopefully the size works out like I want it to.

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    Hate to be a bummer, but that new layout is pretty hard to read... Perhaps a nine panel (three rows of three) layout would work out better for you?...

    Either way, I've at least been scooting through this. Seems amusing enough even through nothing mega has happened yet. But I guess that'll be after the introductions, like you said.

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    Yeah, it's just about to pick up. The page 9 mystery intro is going to be an interesting character. As for the layout, It shows up bigger on sites like Devart, where it is made to be wider, but I guess that isn't going to work here. I'll see what I can work out.

    Holy mother of late update, but here are the next bunch of pages up to 16. I fell off the wagon for a while there with ANOTHER manga project(that I really like, but I need to commit to this one). 17 is just getting text, but after this, I'll be turning it into a full fledged comic with detailed chars and all. I'll put up the Chapter Page one shot I'm working on currently as a teaser.
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