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Thread: Mad Menagerie Re-release in progress

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    Mad Menagerie Re-release in progress

    I've been kind of picking and pulling lately, making a funny, sarcastic, and satirical, but still engaging story driven Webcomic/manga.

    The whole background for the plot is a group of unusual people with abnormal abilities and states of being are all trying to overcome their various quirks and oddities while dealing with each others' antics.

    Each character is their own mixed bag of emotional and physical status. I want the interaction between the characters to be a big likeability area.

    This isn't meant to be the best drawn thing out there, since I'm only going for 2 to 3 pages per week and it's just a webcomic. I'm not looking for a masterpiece, just making a fun comic.

    These three pages are only a small fraction of the lot of characters that will be introduced. I'm working page 4 right now, and will post them as I go.
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