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Thread: Mad Menagerie Re-release in progress

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    And here's more. Again, I will be upgrading everything about this comic now for a re release. And here's the one shot I'm working on.
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    Please don't double post. You can use edit. :3

    I'm talking about yesterday, by the way, when you posted twice about an hour. I don't mind double-posting when the last post was, like, days or months ago. That's different.

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    Sorry about that. Is there a way to add more attachments to a page? The images get too small when I embed?
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    They're small because they're thumbnails. You just have to click on them and they'll get bigger.
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    I knew that much about it. What I mean is, when actually embedded, not attachments, they end up too small to read some text(we may not be able to do this anymore, since the last post I made was over a year ago before these). On the contrary, when done as attachments, which makes them the thumbnail, I'm limited to only 5 and then I have to make another post to post anymore, effectively making it a double post, unless I'm fortunate enough to have someone comment on my work.

    Kodos already pretty much answered it though. If I'm limited to 5 I'll just have to wait a few days to post another. Shouldn't hurt too bad for me considering production takes a bit of time.


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