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Thread: Sottaceti's Let's Plays - ENLIST IN THE BUM CORPS NOW!

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    Sottaceti's Let's Plays - ENLIST IN THE BUM CORPS NOW!


    You may be asking yourself, "Why am I here? What is this place? Who is this irresistably handsome man before me?" Well, the answer to all of your questions lie within the confines of this irresistably handsome post. In fact, there was a magic spell placed upon this thread that drew you like a moth to a passionate, hot, sexy and gorgeous flame. The spell, of course, is my own relentless charm and wit, which I exhibit in a rather voluminous collection of video-logs hosted on YouTube.

    If you do not, in fact, already know of me, I am an appreciator of the horror, RPG, hack 'n' slash and shooter genres. The various selections I have on display in this enchanted thread are a complete cataloguing of my gaming experiences based on dates on which the games were started (but not the video upload dates). For instance, Mass Effect was the first game I started playing, but its final videos are newer than the first 3 Vindictus videos. The only exception to this rule are series. For example, the first 3 Mass Effect 2 videos are newer than the first 2 Prince of Persia videos and the first 5 Halo videos, but it is placed right after Mass Effect because ME1's videos are the oldest I have on my channel from my 2013 reboot.

    My name is Sottaceti. I am a full-time bum and a professional God of Men. On the side I like to play videogames and show myself doing so for your pleasure. Please, enjoy.


    Mass Effect [COMPLETE]
    SPOILER! :

    Yay! We're finally done!

    Mass Effect 2 [IN PROGRESS]

    SPOILER! :

    Halo: Combat Evolved [IN PROGRESS]

    SPOILER! :

    Vindictus [OPEN]

    SPOILER! :

    Firefall [OPEN]

    SPOILER! :

    Super Meat Boy [IN PROGRESS]

    SPOILER! :

    Tribes: Ascend [OPEN]

    Prince of Persia [IN PROGRESS]

    SPOILER! :

    Stay tuned, folks; new videos all the time! Enlist today to keep current on issues and orders, and to view codec entries and review mission logs!

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