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I was at work and I realized that my parents never taught me how to be an adult.
There are basic things people should know about that should be taught to them before they need them in the real world. I never knew about credit cards (other than "stay away from credit cards") or how or where to pay a bill hell driving for sure and like how to file taxes and starting a bank account to save money for when you need it plus more. So now that I'm older and hitting that age that some people agree is the time when a person is mentally an adult I'm realizing that I don't know shit and my parents held out on me.

Anyone else feel like their parents haven't shared enough of what it's like to be an adult?
I think my parents haven't really taught me as much as they should have about that kind of stuff, because they want to shelter me so much (threatening that they'll make me live in their house again, etc). I'm genuinely clueless. But I can also say that my parents probably aren't the best people to teach me about that kind of stuff, seeing how they operate. D: