My parents never gave a crap unless my siblings and I were being noisy or getting into trouble. My mom occasionally got up and taught me things, like cooking and sewing and needlework, but for the most part they were either at work or tired from work and not in the mood to put up with us. If I wanted to get out and do something, it had to be free or really cheap and I had to find my own way to get there. I never thought it was a big deal to walk as far as I did, but other people were astounded by it.

My dad used to have an amazing temper and would express his anger with his fists (mostly on my brothers), but a bunch of stuff happened and he was forced to sit down and have a good long look at himself. He went to anger management (and was the first person ever in the class that wasn't there by court order) and made us kids tell him with complete honesty exactly why he was such a fucked up guy. It took a while, and it was a hell of a journey for him, but he's a hell of a lot better for it. Now that I'm not scared of him, I think he's a really amazing guy. I don't think I can express how proud I am to have him as my dad.

I'm pretty sure I never want to have kids of my own. Everyone says my feelings will change whenever I finally get pregnant, but I really don't care to find out.