Some places do A+ or like AA+ or something. This might sound weird but now that I'm older i feel like my parents didn't push me enough to pursue goals. I always got good marks at school, and my sister always got not so good marks and my parents never really minded. We had piano lessons but we were never made to practice more, and never made to study grades in it. I was very sporty when I was younger but my mum never took me to join a sports team or anything. I liked drawing but never had the oppurtunity for drawing lessons and etc etc. So I guess I think parents should be aware of their child's interests and enccourage them, even if it comes off as being 'pressure'. I disagree with too much pressure towards accademic achievement unless the child is actually interested in it, as I was. I look at my child hood and feel like it was a bit of a waste because now I really wish that I had learnt piano more since I can't afford lessons now, but at the time I didn't even know about the graded music system or how fast I was supposed to learn it.