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Thread: commission artwork II: how much time

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    commission artwork II: how much time

    Here is another question I have, duration. How long should one take to finish the work for your potential client? Is there a rule of thumb that one should follow. I tend to think you should take your time to provide quality work, but also you should be able to deliver your art as soon as possible. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    First, how many commisions are you going to be doing at the same time?
    Second, how much you take in doing one commision in good quality?
    Third, what kind of commisions we are talking about (paint, line art, etc)?

    Think how much it takes you in doing one commision, then, you need to think "how many commisions like this I would be able to in a week?" and which are the type of commisions and the time you take.

    After that you take the longest in time commision, then you gave one day more (if you want to have some days for relaxation), then you see how many can you do in a week and done.

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    It depends on the client and on you. You have to decide how long it'll take you to create what they are requesting. You have to plan your schedule (i.e. from your day-to-day activities) and make time for actually creating the work, making revisions, and so on. If you draw slow and you average about 8 hours to make sketch, do a clean line art, ink, and then color, then you can knock it off in a day. But if you want your client's go-ahead before you go with a design, you have to put in time for communication, getting the design right and progress updates. This can take several days depending on how fast you guys get back to each other.

    If you're working for like a game developer or something where they need artwork done by so-and-so date, you will need to put in the time so you can get it done on schedule. Some people like to commission a lot of artwork and some commission just one or two.

    Anyways, the best rule of thumb is to be open with your client and communicate with them. If they're asking you to do something that you've never done before, then tell them that you're not versed in drawing that style. If you have a personal crisis, then tell your client that it may take several more days than planned to get the job done.


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