Ok so this thread is dedicated to the act of driving. As well as cars insurence and gas. Discuss it all!

Ok so I am about to be 23 and I can't drive.
I have my learners permit now finally but have really no reliable way of learning. I never actually needed a liscense to do anything. I allways bued a ride with a family member if they were going some where I needed to go it rode the bus. I stayed home thru out high school to take care of the house and the kids so I had no chance to take drivers education and my parents worked full time so no chance to get any practice behind the wheel prior to now. I have anxiety attacks so I'm sure I'm going to die driving and that has held me back as well. I have a job that is walking distance so again never really needed to drive myself.
NOW I need one to get a better job. Everything now requires a license and sometimes a car to even be considered. I allso need it for a possible promotion.

I have no reliable forms of learning to drive. Father works sister works mother goes out of town every couple days grandmother is not the best driver herself and works uncle would never let me anywhere near his car and friends have school work and kids so I cant call on them really. My only other option is to pay $300 for like 4 lessons at 1.5hrs ea. I only have $200 and one of my fillings just fell out so bye bye $200.
Now idk wtf to do. Any advice on learning?

Now tell your storie!!!