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Thread: Witch's Feast - Need help testing

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    Witch's Feast - Need help testing

    Hi. I need people to help test this Card Game that I've been working on.

    Its based on some comic that I am also making >_>

    The goal in this Card Game is to not get eaten by a variety of spooky witches. You accomplish this by making your opponents more delicious, and yourself less appetizing. Each round, players can draw cards and use them against each other, to give themselves an edge. However, sometimes a Witch Card will be drawn, and this is where the game truly begins.

    Each Witch likes to eat a different type of person. One might eat the most Yummy kid, while another might prefer Gross kids, or kids who have a bunch of items. Either way when one of these cards is drawn, each player gets One more turn to play cards before the Witch attacks. Whoever best fits the Witch's requirements is attacked, and they must roll a dice to escape. If you roll successfully, you escape! But fail, and you most likely DIE and become a GHOST.

    Being a ghost kinda sucks, because now you can't win, but at least you can still mess with the living by attacking them using cards. Diplomacy is definitely important.

    There are also cards with whacky effects to be found in the deck.

    Whoever is the last person left alive, wins.

    Anyways, I need people to play with to see if the game is fun at all. There is a site called where we can play, but you've gotta sign up. (its easy)

    So if you'd like to help test the game by playing it, post here and we can come up with a day and time to try it out.

    also here are some example cards done in MSPaint

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