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    Azul's Azure Album

    Ello everyone!
    I'm new here so as my introduction, I'd like to post a bunch of drawings here~!
    Click to view plz.... xD
    ps.It was drawn 2 months ago
    pss.the previous statement was true, yet it was completely unecessary.( How's that for showing off?) xD

    And another one...
    This is a request I drew for my Friend Aoisora19s on DA

    Yet another one~
    This is also a request for yet another one of my friends on DA

    yep... a request too xD

    Tell me what you guys think about these. xD
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    nice drawing

    also to show it in a larger size, just surround the direct link to the image with [IMG] [/IMG]

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    Thanks! ^^
    Sadly, the full size is WAYYY too big, so instead, I made it into urls xD


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