I was perhaps 17, when I was working at Smith's, and damn, were the customers just so.... irritating. You know, I was already slightly misanthropic before, but working at that place, well, it made that worse. I remember one time, when I was bringing in carts, I must've had 10, and we didn't have those electric machines some stores have that make it easier to bring carts in we just had this strap with a hook, you know? Well, I was bringing in the carts, and about to put them in the corral, when I see this little girl walk out from behind a display, luckily I was able to stop and keep the carts from knocking the kid down. Thing is, her irrisponsible mother who should've been keeping an eye on her kid, in fact was like 10 feet away from her, got on my case about it. Seriously, and no I didn't see the little girl when I was walking in with the carts, fuck, man. There were a lot of other shitty people who came in to the store, but that mother was one of the very worst. If that wasn't bad enough, most of the cashiers and other baggers were quite unpleasant to work with, it was a very hostile work enviroment, I'm surprised I was there for as long as I was.