Not exactly as the title states, but I want to start a group of like-minded mangaka's of either art and/or writing skills. People with nearly the same interest and wouldn't mind working on a project together to submit to a publisher or just to do as a hobby for now until we pat it down into a career.
This is yet a suggestion as well, but I want to start a group of mangaka's who's under a single PIN name, but if you want we can also have our own as well. Being a group with many accomplishments to be near as good, or even better than CLAMP. Though we probably will be working on more Action Shonen, Romantic Comedy's, Harems or Ecchi type stuff...then again may be not, but just to name a few type of genre's that are not definite. Hopefully someone has the similar ideal as I'm sure their's someone. Also we may contact via Skype to chat easier regarding through project art style and story scripts.

Thank you for reading.